Prehabilitation or 'Prehab' is defined as...

 "Improving your functional capacity prior to surgery".

At Niagara Prehab and Wellness...

We prepare you physically and psychologically for your upcoming procedure and can help limit some of the negative consequences that can occur during the time lapse between diagnosis and procedure.


We will work with you to decrease your pain and improve your quality of life. This will put you in good health to better prepare you for your surgery and the rehabilitation process!





Participation in a Prehab Program can improve your quality of life by decreasing pain
    and improving your functional ability during the prolonged wait time.




There is considerable support for Prehab to successfully improve
   a patient’s functional capacity prior to a surgery.




Recent studies show that Prehab Programs help to prepare patients for surgery by strengthening

   the affected joint and improving functional ability.

McKay, Carly, Harry Prapavessis, and Timothy Doherty. "The effect of a prehabilitation exercise

 program on quadriceps strength for patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty: a

randomized controlled pilot study." PM&R 4.9 (2012): 647-656.

Ditmyer, Marcia M., Robert Topp, and Matthew Pifer. "Prehabilitation in preparation for orthopaedic surgery." Orthopaedic Nursing 21.5 (2002): 43-54.

Current Research Supports the use of Prehab Programs!

Topp, R., Swank, A. M., Quesada, P. M., Nyland, J., & Malkani, A. (2009).

The effect of prehabilitation exercise on strength and functioning

 after total knee arthroplasty. PM&R, 1(8), 729-735.

 Wait times in Niagara...

The time-lapse between diagnosis, and procedure can be long and debilitating.

It is common for patients to experience difficulty maintaining mobility and functional status
during these prolonged wait times for orthopedic surgeries.

This inactivity can lead to greater health problems, and further complicate the recovery process.

During this time, Prehab can help! Our trained professionals will help keep you active to promote healing and improve your quality of life

"We aim to keep you active during your wait time to promote healing, and improve your quality of life!"

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